AVANTOR is a line of professional products dedicated to process the photosensitive materials. Their production is based on our long time and vast experience in the preparation of chemical solutions. The quality of our products is of a importance to us, so apart from engaging a laboratory that supervises the quality of products, we also have a set of optical devices for testing new solutions and formulations. It allows us to continuously improve traditional recipes commonly (and successfully) used in photography.  
AVANTOR products for photosensitive materials processing belong to high quality chemicals used in photographic darkrooms.  
Their production is based on ingredients supplied by leading providers in the chemical industry: Geyer, Fluka, Basf and Merck. The engagement of our innovative technological facilities, we have successfully launched a wide range of developers, breakers, fixers and other agents used during laboratory processing. This process guarantees stability and repeatability of the most important product features, and at the same time- it is the most important element in working with photosensitive materials.
Our company cooperates with dedicated scientific units in the field of improving and refining our products by developing and testing their formulas. We also aim to increase the safety while using our solutions, which regards the reduction of their chemical harmfulness - both for users and the natural environment. Bearing in mind the above aspect and our own responsibility, we have developed a number of formulas based on ascorbic acid and amino acids.
The basic formulations which AVANTOR brand offers include a wide range of developers for processing photographic films and papers. They are based on traditional, commonly used reagents such as: metol, hydroquinone, and phenidone. They are apllied for use with the most common types of photographic materials.  
Our reagents are an excellent alternative to the best known brands on the market.  
Apart from its range of developers, AVANTOR provides other auxiliary agents used in photographic darkroom. These include: amplifiers and image deteriorators, process interruptors, toners and preparations used in ancient techniques.
To ensure optimal storage conditions for our products, we have implemented a method of preserving the preparations under the neutral nitrogen atmosphere. This mainly applies to the formulas that are least sensitive to oxygen.  
Contemporaneously, we apply the principle of a balanced pH. Buffering the solutions protects against the effects of pollution and provides the right environment during conducting the photochemical processes.
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Our product is usually delivered in PET bottles with very low UV radiation conductivity, which is a factor in solution transformation during storage. At the same time, these containers are considerably durable, chemically neutral and mechanically extremely resistant. In addition, they enable significant limitation of oxygen access to the chemical environment after their compression, yet without losing their durability and protective functions - therefore the durability of preparations stored in such way is significantly higher compared to traditional packaging. Airtight and dark packaging, that limits light access, effectively protects the contents.
Most of our reagents are manufactured as ready-made products, in a form prepared for dilution or as concentrates due to the need to maintain production standards based on full control of raw materials. The main base and the basic solvent of the products is demineralized water, so the elements that may affect the reaction when working in the darkroom are eliminated. We use the water prepared according to a special recipe using Millipore devices, the leader in the osmotic water purification method.  
The use of modern solutions, such as our innovative reducers, effectively minimizes the hazard associated with contact with chemicals both by people and the environment. The production cycle has been specially designed so that no waste is generated during the process.
AVANTOR also represents a special brand of preparations used in X-ray techniques. In our offer you can find sets for use in manual, semi-automatic and automatic methods. They are signed with the AVANTOR-XR mark.  
AVANTOR-XR products are intended for professional applications in the fields of medicine, engineering or technology in which X-ray techniques are traditionally used.  
Similarly as in case of our standard line for processing traditional photosensitive materials, we apply the highest quality standards here. AVANTOR-XR brand products are delivered in 5 and 10 liter containers. Each set includes product specifications and certificate.
The guiding principle of AVANTOR brand is the maintenance of our product quality combined with the implementation of innovative solutions in order to obtain excellent photographic images.  
The quantity and quality composition of our preparations has been optimally selected, so that they act as complementary products. Therefore, the best solution is to use our reagents at every stage of processing. This guarantees the best results and provides full control over the image processing. However, each of our preparations can be used separately, according to the personal experience and intended effect of the user. We provide the recipient with a set of high-end chemical compositions used in photographic darkrooms. Creativity in their use is left to the image creators themselves.  
Our solutions are based on close cooperation with photographers and their valuable feedback - as this group of recipients is the most demanding tester of AVANTOR products.
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